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What is Touchless?

Innovative Elegance

Touchless Flatware is unique product that when upright the mouthpiece end never touches the table.


Touchless Spirit!

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The Story

Creator & Entrepreneur

Dr. Michael S. Joyner, a Hand and Microsurgeon, is the creator and founder of the Touchless Flatware Patented Designs. As a surgeon and health care professional, Dr. Joyner understands the importance of germ prevention. Whether in the operating room, doctor's office, hospital cafeteria, or sitting at a restaurant tabletop, germ prevention is important. Touchless Flatware is designed in order to help avoid the germs on tabletops and kitchen counters.

While dining in a restaurant, like many restaurant patrons, "Doc J" wanted to place his flatware on the restaurant tabletop in order to avoid the germs that he knew were on the table. However, there was no napkin, dish or place setting available to set his flatware. He suddenly envisioned the new unique germ resistant Touchless Flatware patented design. This new Touchless modern American design is unique in that when upright the mouthpiece end avoids touching the table.

Touchless Flatware and the Touchless Philosophy combine royalty, science, and art with simplicity. Spread the word. "Go Touchless ... Touchless is the new way to dine!"

The Patents & Design

Elevated Distal Ends

The Touchless US and International Patent pending technology and designs highlight utensils and chopsticks having elevated distal ends for germ prevention. Touchless Modern American designs avoid the germs on tables and countertops. Stainless steel, plasticware, and children's designs are patent pending. It's the new way to dine. Go Touchless!

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Eco-designs with an Ergonomic Orientation

Avoid touching the table. Touchless Flatware offers a unique design that embraces eco-designs with an ergonomic orientation that introduces an innovative germ-free component. Touchless Flatware is unique in that when upright the mouthpiece end never touches the table. This patent-protected and aesthetic design blends a germ-resistant attribute with modernity, functionality along with a celebration of style, timelessness and high quality craftsmanship. Touchless germ-free designs include stainless steel, plastic, and children styles. Touchless Flatware is the new way to dine!

Touchless Flatware

Innovative Elegance

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Touchless Flatware

Avoids Touching the Table

This new Touchless modern American design is unique in that when upright the mouthpiece end avoids touching the table. Touchless Flatware and the Touchless Philosophy combine royalty, science, and art with simplicity. Spread the word. “Go Touchless … Touchless is the new way to dine!”

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Touchless Chopsticks

Different aspects of Chinese Style chopsticks, Japanese style chopsticks and Korean style chopsticks have all influenced the style and design of the new Touchless Style Chopsticks. Touchless Chopsticks are a novel solution to keep the utensil tips from touching the table.


Touchless Dishware

Coming Soon!


Go Touchless Lifestyle!

The “Go Touchless!” way of living is a lifestyle that tries in as many ways as it can to bring into balance the conservation and preservation of the Earth's natural resources, habitats, and biodiversity with human culture and communities.

We at Go Touchless believe in the lifestyle to “reduce, reuse and recycle."

"Going green involves taking steps to minimize the damage humans are doing; to live an environmentally responsible life, and to make choices that will help preserve the earth and its non-renewable resources instead of destroying them.”


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Veteran Owned Business

Inventor and Hand & Microsurgeon

Major Michael S. Joyner, MD, an inventor and Hand & Microsurgeon in private practice located in Boca Raton, Florida, is the creator and founder of the Touchless Flatware Corporation and Touchless Patented Designs. Dr. Joyner, aka “Dr. J”, a Los Angeles, California native and Loyola High School Alumnus, received his undergraduate training at UC Berkeley and Howard University. After being awarded a Bachelor of Science degree at Howard University, Dr. J earned his medical degree from Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC, where he was a United States Army Health Scholarship recipient. He completed his general surgery internship at Walter Reed Army Medical Center where he served active duty as a captain in the United States Army. After surgical internship, Dr. J served as a US Army General Medical Officer and Primary Brigade Surgeon at the Presidio of Monterey Army Health Clinic from 1996 to 2000. He completed his military obligation as a Major in the US Army.

Dr. J received his postgraduate training in General Surgery at Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. While serving as Chief General Surgery resident at Grady Memorial Hospital. Dr. Joyner became very experienced in Trauma Surgery. He served as a Christin M. Kleinert Hand Surgery Fellow in 2005 and a visiting microsurgical scholar to Chang- Gung Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan in 2006. He was a staff hand surgeon and clinical instructor at the University of Louisville Kleinert Institute before starting private practice. Touchless Flatware and Touchless Patented Designs were born out of Dr. Joyner’s ability to identify a need and the desire to provide a solution of germ prevention.

Hand and Microsurgery

Do you have carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, tennis elbow, locking fingers or hand pain from an injury? Do you want strong and healthy hands? Doctor Joyner specializes in surgical and non-surgical hand care at The Joyner Hand, PA in Delray Beach, Florida.

Dr. J, a Los Angeles, California native and graduate from Georgetown Medical School is fellowship trained in Hand and Microsurgery.

Learn more about The Joyner Hand practice.

Inventor: Making New History

Dr. Michael J is a true inventor who is passionate about hand surgery. His work revolves around his ultimate goal, which is to make “New History” with his businesses. An exemplification of this new history is his Touchless Flatware, Chopsticks and Dishware.

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Author and Philanthropist

Not only is Doctor Joyner the author of the Forever My Daddy Book Series but he serves as the president and founder of the Forever My Daddy Grand Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to fathers and grandparents who are affected by obstacles such as parental alienation that prevent the development of true loving relations hips with their children and grandchildren. Learn more about programs such as the child or grandchild support gift card program at speaking at a college campus, church, assisted living facility or professional groups and organizations, Doctor Joyner has information in his book to share. Dr. J is the author of the book Forever My Daddy: Denied. The book FMD Denied on Kindle and Amazon highlights lessons learned about topics such as premarital courtship, fatherhood, grandparents, private schools, courtrooms, child support and most importantly health and wellbeing. “Lessons learned” promote relationships despite broken marriages and parental or grandparental alienation. Buy the book and learn more at


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